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Consulting Skills Training

Simsion & Associates offers outstanding seminar programs in consulting skills for both internal and external consultants. Programs can be tailored to meet the needs of individual consulting organizations or professional groups. Public courses are offered in the US through Wilshire Conferences, in the UK through the IRM group, and in Australia through the Ark group.

Graeme Simsion also teachs a six day academic program on Professional Consulting at the University of Melbourne.

These courses draw on Graeme's 30 years experience as an internal consultant, independent external consultant and consulting manager. Current versions include:

The Internal Consultant

Focuses on the needs of technical people providing a service with their own organization.

The Professional Consultant

A program for professionals working in a consulting practice. Offered on a in-house basis. Tailored to the needs and offerings of each consultancy. Advanced course is also available.

Consulting for Data Management Professionals

An example of a course tailored for a specific proffesional group. This course was voted best presentation at three successive Data Management Association annual conferences in North America and has been presented at DAMA chapters across the USA.

Typical Outline for One-Day Professional Consultant Seminar

  • 1.      The importance of consulting skills
  • 2.      The psychology of consulting- and giving advice
  • 3.      Personal presentation – understanding and managing perceptions
  • 4.      An introduction to negotiation
  • 5.      Winning work – supporting the sales process
  • 6.      Assignment initiation – establishing expectations
  • 7.      Different roles of the consultant
  • 8.      The role of the relationship / account manager
  • 9.      Identifying and managing stakeholders
  • 10.  Putting your support network in place
  • 11.  Managing client expectations
  • 12. Habits to keep you on track
  • 13.  Approach to problems
  • 14.  Dealing with difficult people (emphasis on dynamics rather than personalities)
  • 15.  Understanding managers
  • 16.  Deliverables and reports
  • 17.  Follow-up